About Data Cleanse

We are a team of skilled IT professionals with a considerable amount of industry experience.

Predominantly we specialise in developing and implementing bespoke data migration and data warehousing/business intelligence solutions.

We know all about data and databases and our focus is to convert your requirements into a cost-effective, low maintenance solution that will consistently provide quality information to your organisation.

We've developed and implemented successful systems at a number of multi-national companies and have a proven track record in delivering migration and reporting solutions on time and to budget.

So whether you need a brand new system, are planning a migration to a replacement system, or just need some timely maintenance on your existing setup, we'd like to talk to you.

Our services

At Data Cleanse, we use industry standard business intelligence/data warehousing techniques to ensure that the completed solution has a low cost of ownership and can be modified when required in the future.

We've been involved in some large data migration projects and in our experience a successful outcome comes down to two things - planning and testing. We normally develop our migration solutions in an iterative fashion allowing you/us to test, test, and retest. When the system is ready to be implemented, we can assist your organisation in developing a go-live schedule which will give a high degree of confidence that the replacement system will be working correctly on day one.

Our migration solutions always include full audit trails which show any transformations the data has gone through whilst giving your auditors assurance that all migrated data has been accounted for.

Our delivered solutions will be handed over to your support staff fully documented.

If circumstances permit, we can often perform segments of the development work away from your site, thereby minimising the cost of the delivered solution.

Contact us to speak with one of our consultants today to arrange your free initial consultation.


House your data?

Are any of the following statements TRUE in your organisation?

- The data in your reports often seems inaccurate, inconsistent, or missing

- By the time reports are produced and distributed, the content is out-of-date

- Data from multiple sources is producing conflicting reporting information

- There is no way of seeing/comparing what happened last month/year/period

- The reporting process is too complicated, slow, or error-prone

- Reference data (product codes, customer details) changes over time and history is being lost

- Having even minor changes made to existing reports is a major/costly/time-consuming task

- Decision-makers complain that they do not have the information to do their jobs effectively

- Sometimes the data seems incorrect but there is no way of proving it

- A person responsible for an important reporting process has left the company

- Said person left no instructions or documentation!

- There is no way of comparing data from system x with system y

- You need to migrate off an old version/system on to a later one

Here at Data Cleanse, our potential clients come to us with issues like this all the time and that's why we're confident that we have the knowledge and experience to rectify these types of problems for you.

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