G.S.T. Sorted Today

What does the increase in GST to 15% mean for your business systems?

Is the imminent GST rise recently announced in the 2010 Budget giving you a headache?

Do you have systems or business processes that must be changed by October 1st?

Does your business rely on GST computations buried in Point Of Sale or Billing systems, databases, websites, Excel spreadsheets, or other applications?

Don't know where to start?

Our services

Data Cleanse can assist your business to make the transition smoothly to meet the new GST requirements. Our skilled IT professionals will update your systems to enable your business to collect, record, and pay GST accurately by the deadline of October 2010.

Depending on the size of your business, Data Cleanse can offer an inexpensive impact and risk analysis to determine the work involved to make the necessary changes to all of your IT systems, be they Point of Sale, Billing/Invoice Systems, spreadsheets, reporting systems, websites, or any other GST-processing application. Using this information you can then make informed decisions to ensure your business is ready for the 1st October 2010.

Data Cleanse IT professionals have the skills and experience required to update your GST reliant systems so that the transition to the new rate is seamless.

The New Zealand Government has decided that all of this work must be in place by the immovable deadline of October 1st 2010.

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Managing two GST rates

Changing the GST rate as a one-off exercise may seem relatively straight forward however over the transition period, data in your business systems will have to reflect both the old and new rates for a time. Our comprehensive Impact Analysis report will consider the changes required in the following areas:

- Point of Sale

- GST return periods

- Financial periods

- Pricing (increase or absorption, target pricing, item relabelling)

- Creditors

- Stock control

- Honouring quotations

- Budgeting

- Marketing

- Historical data and reporting

- Customer communication

- Transition planning

Data Cleanse Report

Our analysis report lists the pertinent areas requiring attention. The system highlights important areas in Red, Amber and Green (RAG) status'.