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SCO home -vs- IRE at *Edinburgh*


Sat, 09 Feb 20196N2 SCO v IRE13-221:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 04 Feb 20176N1 SCO v IRE27-223:34-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 21 Mar 20156N5 SCO v IRE10-401:40-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 24 Feb 20136N3 SCO v IRE12-80:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 06 Aug 2011WU SCO v IRE10-61:04-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 27 Feb 20116N3 SCO v IRE18-210:31-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 14 Mar 20096N4 SCO v IRE15-220:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 11 Aug 2007WU SCO v IRE31-215:25-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 10 Mar 20076N4 SCO v IRE18-190:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 12 Feb 20056N2 SCO v IRE13-402:50-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 06 Sep 2003WU SCO v IRE10-291:40-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 16 Feb 20036N1 SCO v IRE6-360:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 22 Sep 20016N5 SCO v IRE32-104:15-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 20 Mar 19995N SCO v IRE30-134:15-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 01 Mar 19975N SCO v IRE38-105:15-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 04 Feb 19955N SCO v IRE26-132:24-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 16 Jan 19935N SCO v IRE15-32:04-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 12 Oct 1991WCPool BSCO v IRE24-152:04-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 16 Mar 19915N SCO v IRE28-253:44-2Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 04 Mar 19895N SCO v IRE37-215:35-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 21 Feb 19875N SCO v IRE16-122:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 02 Feb 19855N SCO v IRE15-180:21-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 15 Jan 19835N SCO v IRE13-151:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 21 Mar 19815N SCO v IRE10-91:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 03 Mar 19795N SCO v IRE11-112:22-2Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 19 Feb 19775N SCO v IRE21-183:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 01 Feb 19755N SCO v IRE20-132:24-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 24 Feb 19735N SCO v IRE19-141:24-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 27 Feb 19715N SCO v IRE5-171:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 22 Feb 19695N SCO v IRE0-160:40-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 25 Feb 19675N SCO v IRE3-50:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 27 Feb 19655N SCO v IRE6-160:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 23 Feb 19635N SCO v IRE3-00:04-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 25 Feb 19615N SCO v IRE16-83:24-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 28 Feb 19595N SCO v IRE3-80:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 23 Feb 19575N SCO v IRE3-50:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 26 Feb 19555N SCO v IRE12-31:04-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 28 Feb 19535N SCO v IRE8-261:60-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 24 Feb 19515N SCO v IRE5-61:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 26 Feb 19495N SCO v IRE3-130:20-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 22 Feb 19475N SCO v IRE0-30:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 26 Feb 19385N SCO v IRE23-144:45-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 22 Feb 19365N SCO v IRE4-100:20-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 24 Feb 19345N SCO v IRE16-93:34-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 27 Feb 19325N SCO v IRE8-202:40-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 22 Feb 19305N SCO v IRE11-143:41-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 25 Feb 19285N SCO v IRE5-131:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 27 Feb 19265N SCO v IRE0-30:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 20 Feb 18975N SCO v IRE8-31:14-1Powderhall, EdinburghH
Sat, 02 Mar 18955N SCO v IRE6-02:04-0Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Sat, 20 Feb 18925N SCO v IRE2-01:04-1Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Sat, 22 Feb 18905N SCO v IRE5-01:04-0Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Sat, 10 Mar 18885N SCO v IRE3-01:04-1Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Sat, 20 Feb 18865N SCO v IRE14-05:05-0Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Sat, 07 Mar 18855N SCO v IRE5-03:04-0Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Sat, 16 Feb 18845N SCO v IRE8-14:15-0Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Totals    723-71991:102142-123
Differences    4-1119
Averages    13-132:23-2



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