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The Stormers -vs- The Chiefs

S15NZLInterConfSat, 25 Apr 202013Stormers v ChiefsHamilton19:05A
S15SAFInterConfSat, 12 May 201813Stormers v Chiefs9-150:21-4Cape Town15:05HL-12
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 22 Jul 2017ElimStormers v Chiefs11-171:11-4Cape Town19:00HL-12
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 08 Apr 20177Stormers v Chiefs34-264:35-0Cape Town17:15HW-12
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 23 Jul 2016ElimStormers v Chiefs21-603:80-5Cape Town19:00HL13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 14 Mar 20155Stormers v Chiefs19-281:30-4Cape Town15:00HL-12
S15NZLInternationalFri, 14 Mar 20145Stormers v Chiefs20-362:50-5Hamilton19:35AL13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 09 Mar 20134Stormers v Chiefs36-343:44-2Cape Town17:05HW-12
S15NZLInternationalSat, 14 May 201113Stormers v Chiefs23-302:31-4Hamilton19:35AL-12
S14NZLFri, 16 Apr 201010Stormers v Chiefs49-156:25-0Hamilton19:35AW13+
S14SAFSun, 03 May 200912Stormers v Chiefs14-282:40-5Cape Town19:10HL13+
S14NZLFri, 14 Mar 20085Stormers v Chiefs35-264:25-0Hamilton19:35AW-12
S14SAFFri, 16 Feb 20073Stormers v Chiefs21-162:14-1Cape Town18:30HW-12
S14NZLSat, 15 Apr 200610Stormers v Chiefs20-302:30-4Mount Maunganui19:35AL-12
S12SAFSat, 30 Apr 200510Stormers v Chiefs34-374:42-5Cape Town17:00HL-12
S12NZLFri, 23 Apr 200410Stormers v Chiefs14-292:40-5Hamilton19:35AL13+
S12SAFSat, 26 Apr 200310Stormers v Chiefs24-232:34-1Cape Town19:05HW-12
S12NZLSat, 20 Apr 20029Stormers v Chiefs45-336:45-1HamiltonAW-12
S12SAFFri, 27 Apr 200110Stormers v Chiefs29-154:25-0Cape TownHW13+
S12NZLSun, 02 Apr 20006Stormers v Chiefs28-253:34-1PukekoheAW-12
S12SAFSat, 08 May 199911Stormers v Chiefs16-91:04-1Cape TownHW-12
S12NZLSat, 02 May 199810Stormers v Chiefs7-261:20-4RotoruaAL13+
team websiteTotals    509-55855:6350-56team website
Differences    -49-8-6
Averages    24-273:32-3


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