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If you've ever tried to get your head around how the World Rugby Rankings work, this might help.
Based on this detailed explanation on the World Rugby website, the following program emulates the method used for calculating rating points exchange; the basis of the official ranking system.
The same algorithm is used for building pick & go's ranking history and Super Rugby rankings.

New Ranking Point Predictor
Subscribed users will soon be able to enter ranking point predictions for multiple
matches and immediately see what effect they will all have on the top ten rankings.
Check back soon!

Rating Points Exchange Calculator


1) Enter the current World Rugby rating of the

team here:


team here:

(for example...     WAL76.92SCO76.36)

2) Is the match being played at a Neutral venue (where neither side has Home Advantage)?

3) Is this match part of a Rugby World Cup tournament?

4) Click

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