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srpNZLSat, 22 Jun 2024FinalBlues v Chiefs41-105:15-0Auckland19:0513+
srpNZLSat, 15 Jun 2024SemiHurricanes v Chiefs19-303:30-4Wellington16:35-12
srpNZLFri, 14 Jun 2024SemiBlues v Brumbies34-205:25-0Auckland19:0513+
srpNZLSat, 08 Jun 2024QuartBlues v Fijian Drua36-55:15-0Auckland19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 08 Jun 2024QuartBrumbies v Highlanders32-164:15-0Canberra19:3513+
srpNZLSat, 08 Jun 2024QuartHurricanes v Rebels47-207:25-0Wellington16:3513+
srpNZLFri, 07 Jun 2024QuartChiefs v Reds43-216:35-0Hamilton19:0513+
srpPACSat, 01 Jun 202415Fijian Drua v Rebels40-196:35-0Lautoka14:0513+
srpNZLSat, 01 Jun 202415Hurricanes v Highlanders41-147:25-0Wellington16:3513+
srpNZLSat, 01 Jun 202415Blues v Chiefs31-175:34-0Auckland19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 01 Jun 202415Force v Brumbies19-243:31-4Perth17:35-12
srpNZLFri, 31 May 202415Crusaders v Moana Pasifika43-107:15-0Christchurch19:0513+
srpAUSFri, 31 May 202415Waratahs v Reds26-274:41-4Sydney19:35-12
srpNZLSun, 26 May 202414Highlanders v Fijian Drua39-35:05-0Dunedin14:0513+
srpAUSSat, 25 May 202414Reds v Force59-139:15-0Brisbane19:3513+
srpNZLSat, 25 May 202414Crusaders v Blues29-274:44-1Christchurch19:05-12
srpPACSat, 25 May 202414Moana Pasifika v Waratahs27-124:24-0Auckland16:3513+
srpAUSFri, 24 May 202414Brumbies v Rebels53-177:25-0Canberra19:3513+
srpNZLFri, 24 May 202414Chiefs v Hurricanes17-202:21-4Hamilton19:05-12
srpAUSSat, 18 May 202413Force v Waratahs27-73:14-0Perth17:3513+
srpNZLSat, 18 May 202413Blues v Highlanders47-137:15-0Auckland19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 18 May 202413Brumbies v Crusaders31-245:34-1Canberra14:35-12
srpPACSat, 18 May 202413Fijian Drua v Reds28-193:34-0Suva14:05-12
srpAUSFri, 17 May 202413Rebels v Chiefs23-263:21-4Melbourne19:35-12
srpNZLFri, 17 May 202413Hurricanes v Moana Pasifika32-244:44-0Wellington19:05-12
srpNZLSat, 11 May 202412Blues v Hurricanes31-274:44-1Auckland16:35-12
srpNZLSat, 11 May 202412Highlanders v Crusaders32-292:44-1Dunedin19:05-12
srpAUSSat, 11 May 202412Waratahs v Brumbies21-293:40-4Sydney19:35-12
srpAUSSat, 11 May 202412Force v Fijian Drua48-106:15-0Perth19:5513+
srpAUSFri, 10 May 202412Reds v Rebels26-224:34-1Brisbane19:35-12
srpPACFri, 10 May 202412Moana Pasifika v Chiefs7-431:70-5Auckland19:0513+
srpPACSat, 04 May 202411Moana Pasifika v Highlanders17-282:30-4Nuku'alofa15:05-12
srpNZLSat, 04 May 202411Crusaders v Reds28-334:51-4Christchurch16:35-12
srpNZLSat, 04 May 202411Chiefs v Force56-79:15-0Hamilton19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 04 May 202411Brumbies v Fijian Drua28-204:24-0Canberra19:35-12
srpAUSFri, 03 May 202411Rebels v Blues11-381:60-5Melbourne19:3513+
srpNZLFri, 03 May 202411Hurricanes v Waratahs41-127:25-0Wellington19:0513+
srpPACSat, 27 Apr 202410Fijian Drua v Moana Pasifika24-173:34-1Lautoka14:05-12
srpAUSSat, 27 Apr 202410Brumbies v Hurricanes27-193:34-0Canberra14:35-12
srpNZLSat, 27 Apr 202410Highlanders v Force7-61:04-1Dunedin19:05-12
srpAUSSat, 27 Apr 202410Reds v Blues34-415:61-4Brisbane19:35-12
srpAUSFri, 26 Apr 202410Waratahs v Chiefs22-383:60-5Sydney19:3513+
srpNZLFri, 26 Apr 202410Crusaders v Rebels39-06:05-0Christchurch19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 20 Apr 20249Force v Crusaders37-154:34-0Perth17:3513+
srpNZLSat, 20 Apr 20249Blues v Brumbies46-77:15-0Auckland19:0513+
srpAUSFri, 19 Apr 20249Reds v Highlanders31-04:05-0Brisbane19:3513+
srpPACFri, 19 Apr 20249Fijian Drua v Hurricanes15-382:50-5Suva19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 13 Apr 20248Rebels v Highlanders47-317:45-0Melbourne19:3513+
srpNZLSat, 13 Apr 20248Hurricanes v Chiefs36-235:25-0Wellington19:0513+
srpAUSFri, 12 Apr 20248Waratahs v Crusaders43-404:54-1Sydney19:35-12
srpPACFri, 12 Apr 20248Moana Pasifika v Reds17-142:24-1Whangarei19:05-12
srpAUSSat, 06 Apr 20247Brumbies v Waratahs40-164:15-0Canberra19:3513+
srpNZLSat, 06 Apr 20247Chiefs v Moana Pasifika68-1210:25-0Hamilton19:0513+
srpNZLFri, 05 Apr 20247Blues v Force50-38:05-0Auckland19:0513+
srpAUSFri, 05 Apr 20247Rebels v Fijian Drua41-206:35-0Melbourne19:3513+
srpAUSSat, 30 Mar 20246Reds v Brumbies19-203:21-4Brisbane18:35-12
srpNZLSat, 30 Mar 20246Highlanders v Hurricanes12-472:70-5Dunedin19:0513+
srpPACSat, 30 Mar 20246Moana Pasifika v Blues8-471:70-5Auckland16:3513+
srpPACSat, 30 Mar 20246Fijian Drua v Force31-133:24-0Lautoka13:0513+
srpAUSFri, 29 Mar 20246Waratahs v Rebels21-273:41-4Sydney19:35-12
srpNZLFri, 29 Mar 20246Crusaders v Chiefs37-265:44-0Christchurch19:05-12
srpPACSat, 23 Mar 20245Fijian Drua v Waratahs39-365:54-1Lautoka13:05-12
srpNZLSat, 23 Mar 20245Chiefs v Highlanders28-214:34-1Hamilton16:35-12
srpNZLSat, 23 Mar 20245Blues v Crusaders26-62:04-0Auckland19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 23 Mar 20245Force v Reds40-316:54-0Perth16:35-12
srpAUSFri, 22 Mar 20245Brumbies v Moana Pasifika60-219:35-0Canberra19:3513+
srpNZLFri, 22 Mar 20245Hurricanes v Rebels54-288:45-0Palmerston North19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 16 Mar 20244Waratahs v Blues10-121:21-4Sydney19:35-12
srpNZLSat, 16 Mar 20244Chiefs v Fijian Drua46-296:44-0Hamilton19:0513+
srpNZLSat, 16 Mar 20244Highlanders v Brumbies21-272:31-4Dunedin16:35-12
srpNZLFri, 15 Mar 20244Crusaders v Hurricanes10-141:21-4Christchurch19:05-12
srpAUSFri, 15 Mar 20244Rebels v Reds26-534:80-5Melbourne19:3513+
srpAUSFri, 15 Mar 20244Force v Moana Pasifika14-222:30-4Perth19:00-12
srpAUSSat, 09 Mar 20243Brumbies v Force22-193:34-1Canberra14:35-12
srpPACSat, 09 Mar 20243Fijian Drua v Crusaders20-102:14-0Lautoka13:05-12
srpNZLSat, 09 Mar 20243Hurricanes v Blues29-214:34-0Wellington19:05-12
srpAUSSat, 09 Mar 20243Reds v Chiefs25-193:24-1Brisbane18:35-12
srpAUSFri, 08 Mar 20243Waratahs v Highlanders21-232:21-4Sydney19:35-12
srpPACFri, 08 Mar 20243Moana Pasifika v Rebels23-292:51-5Albany19:05-12
srpNZLSun, 03 Mar 20242Hurricanes v Reds38-336:54-1Melbourne16:30-12
srpNZLSun, 03 Mar 20242Chiefs v Brumbies46-126:25-0Melbourne14:0013+
srpPACSat, 02 Mar 20242Moana Pasifika v Fijian Drua39-365:54-1Melbourne17:05-12
srpNZLSat, 02 Mar 20242Crusaders v Waratahs24-374:40-4Melbourne19:3513+
srpNZLFri, 01 Mar 20242Highlanders v Blues29-375:50-4Melbourne18:00-12
srpAUSFri, 01 Mar 20242Rebels v Force48-347:45-0Melbourne20:1013+
srpNZLSat, 24 Feb 20241Blues v Fijian Drua34-106:15-0Whangarei16:3513+
srpAUSSat, 24 Feb 20241Force v Hurricanes14-442:60-5Perth19:0013+
srpNZLSat, 24 Feb 20241Highlanders v Moana Pasifika35-215:25-0Dunedin19:0513+
srpAUSSat, 24 Feb 20241Reds v Waratahs40-226:35-0Brisbane19:0513+
srpAUSFri, 23 Feb 20241Rebels v Brumbies3-300:40-5Melbourne19:3513+
srpNZLFri, 23 Feb 20241Chiefs v Crusaders33-293:44-1Hamilton19:05-12


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