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The Blues -vs- The Chiefs

S15NZLLocalConfSat, 07 Apr 20188Blues v Chiefs19-211:21-4Hamilton19:35AL-12
S15NZLLocalConfFri, 02 Mar 20183Blues v Chiefs21-273:41-5Auckland19:35HL-12
S18NZLLocalConfFri, 26 May 201714Blues v Chiefs16-161:22-2Auckland19:35HD0
S18NZLLocalConfFri, 03 Mar 20172Blues v Chiefs26-413:60-5Waikato19:35AL13+
S18NZLLocalConfFri, 08 Apr 20167Blues v Chiefs23-292:51-5Hamilton19:35AL-12
S15NZLConferenceSat, 04 Apr 20158Blues v Chiefs16-231:21-4Hamilton19:35AL-12
S15NZLConferenceSat, 14 Feb 20151Blues v Chiefs18-230:21-4Albany19:35HL-12
S15NZLConferenceFri, 11 Jul 201419Blues v Chiefs8-111:11-4Auckland19:35HL-12
S15NZLConferenceFri, 09 May 201413Blues v Chiefs20-322:40-5New Plymouth19:35AL-12
S15NZLConferenceSat, 13 Jul 201320Blues v Chiefs16-261:40-5Auckland19:35HL-12
S15NZLConferenceSat, 30 Mar 20137Blues v Chiefs16-231:21-4Mount Maunganui19:35AL-12
S15NZLConferenceSat, 02 Jun 201215Blues v Chiefs34-414:52-5Auckland19:35HL-12
S15NZLConferenceFri, 02 Mar 20122Blues v Chiefs14-291:40-5Hamilton19:35AL13+
S15NZLConferenceSat, 04 Jun 201116Blues v Chiefs11-161:11-4Auckland19:35HL-12
S15NZLConferenceSat, 26 Mar 20116Blues v Chiefs16-131:24-1Hamilton19:35AW-12
S14NZLSat, 15 May 201014Blues v Chiefs30-205:25-0Auckland19:35HW-12
S14NZLSat, 21 Mar 20096Blues v Chiefs34-635:91-5Hamilton19:35AL13+
S14NZLSat, 16 Feb 20081Blues v Chiefs32-144:15-0Auckland19:35HW13+
S14NZLSat, 31 Mar 20079Blues v Chiefs18-113:14-1Hamilton19:35AW-12
S14NZLSat, 13 May 200614Blues v Chiefs9-300:30-4Auckland19:35HL13+
S12NZLSat, 12 Mar 20053Blues v Chiefs9-180:20-4Hamilton19:35AL-12
S12NZLFri, 05 Mar 20043Blues v Chiefs20-272:31-4Auckland19:35HL-12
S12NZLFri, 28 Feb 20032Blues v Chiefs30-274:35-1Hamilton19:35AW-12
S12NZLSat, 23 Mar 20025Blues v Chiefs37-304:45-2AucklandHW-12
S12NZLFri, 16 Mar 20014Blues v Chiefs16-341:40-5RotoruaAL13+
S12NZLSun, 05 Mar 20002Blues v Chiefs25-324:42-5North HarbourHL-12
S12NZLFri, 26 Mar 19995Blues v Chiefs29-182:24-0HamiltonAW-12
S12NZLSat, 21 Mar 19984Blues v Chiefs25-231:24-1AucklandHW-12
S12NZLSat, 15 Mar 19973Blues v Chiefs26-163:14-0AlbanyAW-12
S12NZLSat, 20 Apr 19969Blues v Chiefs39-315:35-0AucklandHW-12
team websiteTotals    653-76566:9061-94team website
Differences    -112-24-33
Averages    22-262:32-3


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