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The Stormers -vs- AUS teams

S15SAFInterConfFri, 27 Apr 201811Stormers v RebelsCape Town19:10H
S15SAFInterConfSat, 24 Mar 20186Stormers v RedsCape Town17:15H
S15AUSInterConfSat, 24 Feb 20182Stormers v Waratahs27-343:41-5Sydney19:45AL-12
S18AUSInterGroupSat, 09 Jul 201616Stormers v Force22-33:04-0Perth19:45AW13+
S18AUSInterGroupSat, 02 Jul 201615Stormers v Rebels57-317:45-1Melbourne19:40AW13+
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 30 Apr 201610Stormers v Waratahs30-323:41-5Cape Town19:10HL-12
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 23 Apr 20169Stormers v Reds40-224:35-0Cape Town15:00HW13+
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 19 Mar 20164Stormers v Brumbies31-113:14-0Cape Town19:10HW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 20 Jun 2015ElimStormers v Brumbies19-391:60-5Cape Town17:05HL13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 23 May 201515Stormers v Rebels31-153:24-0Cape Town19:10HW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 09 May 201513Stormers v Brumbies25-241:24-1Cape Town17:05HW-12
S15AUSInternationalSat, 18 Apr 201510Stormers v Force13-61:04-1Perth19:45AW-12
S15AUSInternationalSat, 11 Apr 20159Stormers v Waratahs32-184:25-0Sydney19:40AW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 17 May 201414Stormers v Force24-83:14-0Cape Town17:05HW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 05 Apr 20148Stormers v Waratahs11-221:10-4Cape Town19:10HL-12
S15AUSInternationalSat, 29 Mar 20147Stormers v Reds17-222:11-4Brisbane18:40AL-12
S15AUSInternationalSat, 22 Mar 20146Stormers v Brumbies15-252:30-4Canberra19:40AL-12
S15SAFInternationalSat, 25 May 201315Stormers v Reds20-151:04-1Cape Town17:05HW-12
S15AUSInternationalFri, 17 May 201314Stormers v Rebels21-303:30-4Melbourne19:40AL-12
S15AUSInternationalSat, 11 May 201313Stormers v Waratahs15-210:21-4Sydney19:40AL-12
S15SAFInternationalSat, 23 Mar 20136Stormers v Brumbies35-224:15-0Cape Town19:10HW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 14 Jul 201218Stormers v Rebels26-212:34-1Cape Town15:00HW-12
S15SAFInternationalSat, 19 May 201213Stormers v Waratahs19-132:14-1Cape Town19:10HW-12
S15AUSInternationalSat, 28 Apr 201210Stormers v Force17-32:04-0Perth17:40AW13+
S15AUSInternationalFri, 20 Apr 20129Stormers v Reds23-132:14-0Brisbane19:40AW-12
S15AUSInternationalFri, 03 Jun 201116Stormers v Rebels40-35:05-0Melbourne19:40AW13+
S15AUSInternationalSat, 28 May 201115Stormers v Brumbies16-31:04-0Canberra19:40AW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 09 Apr 20118Stormers v Reds6-190:10-4Cape Town17:05HL13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 26 Mar 20116Stormers v Force51-166:15-0Cape Town15:00HW13+
S14SAFSat, 22 May 2010SemiStormers v Waratahs25-61:04-0Cape Town19:10HW13+
S14AUSFri, 23 Apr 201011Stormers v Reds13-161:11-4Brisbane19:40AL-12
S14AUSFri, 02 Apr 20108Stormers v Force15-160:11-4Perth18:05AL-12
S14SAFFri, 26 Feb 20103Stormers v Brumbies17-191:11-4Cape Town19:10HL-12
S14SAFSat, 20 Feb 20102Stormers v Waratahs27-63:04-0Cape Town19:10HW13+
S14SAFSat, 09 May 200913Stormers v Force25-243:34-1Cape Town19:10HW-12
S14AUSSat, 11 Apr 20099Stormers v Brumbies10-171:11-4Canberra17:35AL-12
S14AUSSat, 04 Apr 20098Stormers v Waratahs6-120:21-4Sydney19:40AL-12
S14SAFFri, 20 Feb 20092Stormers v Reds27-243:44-2Cape Town19:10HW-12
S14SAFSat, 10 May 200813Stormers v Waratahs13-132:12-2Cape Town19:10HD0
S14SAFSat, 03 May 200812Stormers v Brumbies20-102:24-0Cape Town17:05HW-12
S14AUSFri, 28 Mar 20087Stormers v Force32-164:25-0Perth20:00AW13+
S14AUSSat, 08 Mar 20084Stormers v Reds34-164:25-0Brisbane19:05AW13+
S14SAFSat, 28 Apr 200713Stormers v Reds37-245:25-0Cape Town17:05HW13+
S14AUSSat, 17 Mar 20077Stormers v Waratahs16-101:14-1Sydney19:40AW-12
S14AUSFri, 09 Mar 20076Stormers v Brumbies13-261:30-4Canberra19:40AL13+
S14SAFFri, 09 Feb 20072Stormers v Force3-220:10-4Cape Town18:00HL13+
S14AUSFri, 21 Apr 200611Stormers v Reds24-203:34-1Brisbane19:40AW-12
S14AUSFri, 31 Mar 20068Stormers v Force26-254:35-1Perth19:10AW-12
S14SAFFri, 24 Feb 20063Stormers v Brumbies15-150:22-2Cape Town19:10HD0
S14SAFSat, 18 Feb 20062Stormers v Waratahs26-322:41-5Cape Town19:10HL-12
S12SAFSat, 09 Apr 20057Stormers v Reds15-132:14-1Cape Town15:00HW-12
S12AUSSat, 19 Mar 20054Stormers v Waratahs10-251:30-4Sydney19:40AL13+
S12AUSFri, 11 Mar 20053Stormers v Brumbies19-223:31-4Canberra19:40AL-12
S12AUSSat, 10 Apr 20048Stormers v Reds21-202:34-1Brisbane19:40AW-12
S12SAFSat, 20 Mar 20045Stormers v Brumbies15-333:40-5Cape Town17:05HL13+
S12SAFSat, 13 Mar 20044Stormers v Waratahs27-234:35-1Cape Town19:10HW-12
S12SAFSat, 12 Apr 20038Stormers v Reds20-413:40-5Cape Town17:05HL13+
S12AUSFri, 21 Mar 20035Stormers v Waratahs39-295:45-1Sydney20:00AW-12
S12AUSFri, 14 Mar 20034Stormers v Brumbies22-373:50-5Canberra19:40AL13+
S12AUSSat, 06 Apr 20027Stormers v Reds46-495:62-5BrisbaneAL-12
S12SAFSat, 23 Mar 20025Stormers v Brumbies15-362:40-5Cape TownHL13+
S12SAFSat, 02 Mar 20022Stormers v Waratahs25-262:21-4Cape TownHL-12
S12SAFSat, 07 Apr 20017Stormers v Reds29-272:44-2GeorgeHW-12
S12AUSSat, 24 Mar 20015Stormers v Brumbies25-401:40-5CanberraAL13+
S12AUSSun, 04 Mar 20012Stormers v Waratahs7-351:40-5SydneyAL13+
S12AUSFri, 14 Apr 20008Stormers v Reds24-373:40-5BrisbaneAL13+
S12SAFSat, 18 Mar 20004Stormers v Brumbies15-290:40-5Cape TownHL13+
S12SAFSat, 26 Feb 20001Stormers v Waratahs22-151:04-1Cape TownHW-12
S12SAFSat, 03 Apr 19996Stormers v Reds35-144:15-0Cape TownHW13+
S12AUSFri, 26 Mar 19995Stormers v Waratahs28-183:24-0SydneyAW-12
S12AUSFri, 19 Mar 19994Stormers v Brumbies15-372:50-5CanberraAL13+
S12AUSSat, 11 Apr 19987Stormers v Reds14-192:11-4BrisbaneAL-12
S12SAFFri, 03 Apr 19986Stormers v Brumbies34-35:05-0Cape TownHW13+
S12SAFSat, 28 Mar 19985Stormers v Waratahs35-335:35-1Wellington,S.A.HW-12
team websiteTotals    1664-1521174:160190-162
Differences    1431428
Averages    23-212:23-2


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