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The Crusaders -vs- The Bulls

S15NZLInterConfFri, 23 Mar 20186Crusaders v BullsChristchurch19:35H
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 06 May 201711Crusaders v Bulls62-2410:35-0Pretoria17:15AW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 28 Mar 20157Crusaders v Bulls19-311:30-4Pretoria19:10AL-12
S15NZLInternationalSat, 16 Mar 20135Crusaders v Bulls41-196:15-0Christchurch19:35HW13+
S15NZLInternationalSat, 21 Jul 2012ElimCrusaders v Bulls28-131:24-0Christchurch19:35HW13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 07 Apr 20127Crusaders v Bulls30-323:21-4Pretoria17:05AL-12
S15NZLInternationalSat, 09 Apr 20118Crusaders v Bulls27-03:04-0Timaru19:35HW13+
S14SAFSat, 22 May 2010SemiCrusaders v Bulls24-393:30-4Soweto17:05AL13+
S14SAFFri, 07 May 201013Crusaders v Bulls35-404:32-4Pretoria15:00AL-12
S14SAFSat, 23 May 2009SemiCrusaders v Bulls23-362:30-4Pretoria17:00AL13+
S14NZLFri, 03 Apr 20098Crusaders v Bulls16-131:24-1Christchurch19:35HW-12
S14SAFFri, 22 Feb 20082Crusaders v Bulls54-197:15-0Pretoria20:05AW13+
S14SAFSat, 12 May 2007SemiCrusaders v Bulls12-270:00-4Pretoria17:30AL13+
S14NZLSat, 17 Mar 20077Crusaders v Bulls32-104:15-0Christchurch19:35HW13+
S14NZLSat, 20 May 2006SemiCrusaders v Bulls35-155:25-0Christchurch19:35HW13+
S14SAFFri, 05 May 200613Crusaders v Bulls35-174:25-0Pretoria19:10AW13+
S12SAFSat, 09 Apr 20057Crusaders v Bulls20-351:40-5Pretoria17:00AL13+
S12NZLSat, 24 Apr 200410Crusaders v Bulls40-214:35-0Christchurch17:30HW13+
S12SAFSat, 26 Apr 200310Crusaders v Bulls31-323:21-4Pretoria15:00AL-12
S12NZLSat, 06 Apr 20027Crusaders v Bulls49-158:25-0ChristchurchHW13+
S12SAFSun, 08 Apr 20017Crusaders v Bulls42-293:34-0PretoriaAW13+
S12NZLFri, 28 Apr 200010Crusaders v Bulls75-2711:35-0ChristchurchHW13+
S12SAFSat, 24 Apr 19999Crusaders v Bulls30-283:44-2PretoriaAW-12
S12NZLSun, 05 Apr 19986Crusaders v Bulls31-204:35-0ChristchurchHW-12
team websiteTotals    791-54291:5274-36team website
Differences    2493938
Averages    34-244:23-2


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