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The Highlanders -vs- The Bulls

S15SAFInterConfSat, 07 Mar 20206Highlanders v Bulls13-381:60-5Pretoria17:15AL13+
S15NZLInterConfFri, 07 Jun 201917Highlanders v Bulls24-244:33-2Dunedin19:35HD0
S15SAFInterConfSat, 28 Apr 201811Highlanders v Bulls29-282:44-2Pretoria17:15AW-12
S18SAFInterGroupSat, 13 May 201712Highlanders v Bulls17-102:14-1Pretoria15:05AW-12
S15NZLInternationalFri, 11 Apr 20149Highlanders v Bulls27-203:24-1Dunedin19:35HW-12
S15SAFInternationalSat, 18 May 201314Highlanders v Bulls18-352:40-5Pretoria17:05AL13+
S15NZLInternationalSat, 19 May 201213Highlanders v Bulls16-111:14-1Dunedin17:30HW-12
S15SAFInternationalSat, 05 Mar 20113Highlanders v Bulls35-284:35-1Pretoria19:10AW-12
S14SAFSat, 13 Mar 20105Highlanders v Bulls35-505:71-5Pretoria17:05AL13+
S14NZLSat, 28 Mar 20097Highlanders v Bulls36-125:25-0Palmerston North17:30HW13+
S14SAFSat, 19 Apr 200810Highlanders v Bulls17-472:60-5Pretoria15:00AL13+
S14NZLSat, 24 Mar 20078Highlanders v Bulls13-221:10-4Dunedin17:30HL-12
S14SAFSat, 11 Mar 20065Highlanders v Bulls16-231:21-4Pretoria17:00AL-12
S12NZLFri, 11 Mar 20053Highlanders v Bulls23-03:04-0Dunedin19:35HW13+
S12SAFFri, 05 Mar 20043Highlanders v Bulls16-161:12-2Pretoria19:10AD0
S12NZLFri, 07 Mar 20033Highlanders v Bulls29-222:34-1Invercargill18:00HW-12
S12SAFFri, 22 Mar 20025Highlanders v Bulls54-178:35-0PretoriaAW13+
S12NZLSat, 24 Mar 20015Highlanders v Bulls32-104:15-0DunedinHW13+
S12SAFSat, 06 May 200011Highlanders v Bulls42-405:35-1PretoriaAW-12
S12NZLSat, 06 Mar 19992Highlanders v Bulls65-239:45-1DunedinHW13+
S12SAFSat, 16 May 199812Highlanders v Bulls31-264:25-1PretoriaAW-12
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Differences    861024
Averages    28-243:33-2


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