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The Brumbies -vs- The Reds

S15AUSLocalConfSat, 07 Apr 20188Brumbies v Reds45-217:25-0Canberra19:45HW13+
S15AUSLocalConfFri, 02 Mar 20183Brumbies v Reds10-182:00-4Brisbane19:00AL-12
S18AUSLocalConfFri, 07 Jul 201716Brumbies v Reds15-162:11-4Brisbane19:45AL-12
S18AUSLocalConfSat, 08 Apr 20177Brumbies v Reds43-106:15-0Canberra19:45HW13+
S18AUSLocalConfFri, 01 Jul 201615Brumbies v Reds43-246:35-0Canberra19:40HW13+
S15AUSConferenceSat, 14 Mar 20155Brumbies v Reds29-05:05-0Brisbane18:40AW13+
S15AUSConferenceFri, 13 Feb 20151Brumbies v Reds47-36:05-0Canberra19:40HW13+
S15AUSConferenceFri, 11 Apr 20149Brumbies v Reds23-202:24-1Brisbane19:40AW-12
S15AUSConferenceSat, 22 Feb 20142Brumbies v Reds17-271:30-4Canberra19:40HL-12
S15AUSConferenceSat, 20 Apr 201310Brumbies v Reds19-191:32-2Brisbane19:40AD0
S15AUSConferenceSat, 16 Feb 20131Brumbies v Reds24-62:04-0Canberra19:40HW13+
S15AUSConferenceSat, 26 May 201214Brumbies v Reds12-130:11-4Canberra19:40HL-12
S15AUSConferenceFri, 06 Apr 20127Brumbies v Reds13-201:21-4Brisbane19:40AL-12
S15AUSConferenceSat, 04 Jun 201116Brumbies v Reds22-141:14-0Brisbane19:40AW-12
S15AUSConferenceSat, 05 Mar 20113Brumbies v Reds25-314:12-4Canberra19:40HL-12
S14AUSSat, 01 May 201012Brumbies v Reds32-124:05-0Canberra19:40HW13+
S14AUSSat, 02 May 200912Brumbies v Reds52-137:25-0Brisbane19:40AW13+
S14AUSSat, 01 Mar 20083Brumbies v Reds43-116:15-0Canberra19:40HW13+
S14AUSSat, 17 Feb 20073Brumbies v Reds6-30:04-1Brisbane19:05AW-12
S14AUSSat, 29 Apr 200612Brumbies v Reds36-05:05-0Canberra19:40HW13+
S12AUSSat, 14 May 200512Brumbies v Reds38-216:35-0Brisbane19:40AW13+
S12AUSSun, 28 Mar 20046Brumbies v Reds51-87:15-0Canberra16:30HW13+
S12AUSSat, 22 Feb 20031Brumbies v Reds22-191:14-1Brisbane18:40AW-12
S12AUSSat, 23 Feb 20021Brumbies v Reds29-193:14-0CanberraHW-12
S12AUSSat, 19 May 2001SemiBrumbies v Reds30-63:04-0CanberraHW13+
S12AUSFri, 30 Mar 20016Brumbies v Reds23-152:04-0BrisbaneAW-12
S12AUSSat, 06 May 200011Brumbies v Reds38-324:25-1CanberraHW-12
S12AUSFri, 12 Mar 19993Brumbies v Reds18-192:11-4BrisbaneAL-12
S12AUSSat, 16 May 199812Brumbies v Reds23-162:14-1CanberraHW-12
S12AUSSat, 01 Mar 19971Brumbies v Reds24-193:34-1BrisbaneAW-12
S12AUSSat, 20 Apr 19969Brumbies v Reds21-202:24-1CanberraHW-12
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Differences    3986575
Averages    28-153:14-1


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