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The Bulls -vs- The Chiefs

S15NZLInterConfSat, 04 Apr 202010Bulls v ChiefsHamilton16:45A
S15SAFInterConfSat, 23 Mar 20196Bulls v Chiefs20-562:70-5Pretoria15:05HL13+
S15NZLInterConfFri, 16 Mar 20185Bulls v Chiefs28-414:61-5Hamilton19:35AL13+
S18NZLInterGroupSat, 01 Apr 20176Bulls v Chiefs12-280:30-4Waikato19:35AL13+
S15NZLInternationalFri, 22 May 201515Bulls v Chiefs20-343:50-5Rotorua19:35AL13+
S15SAFInternationalSat, 29 Mar 20147Bulls v Chiefs34-343:52-3Pretoria15:00HD0
S15NZLInternationalFri, 25 May 201214Bulls v Chiefs22-281:31-4Hamilton19:35AL-12
S15SAFInternationalSat, 30 Apr 201111Bulls v Chiefs43-274:35-0Pretoria17:05HW13+
S14NZLFri, 09 Apr 20109Bulls v Chiefs33-194:15-0Hamilton19:35AW13+
S14SAFSat, 30 May 2009FinalBulls v Chiefs61-178:25-0PretoriaHW13+
S14SAFSat, 25 Apr 200911Bulls v Chiefs33-273:34-1Pretoria17:05HW-12
S14NZLSat, 22 Mar 20086Bulls v Chiefs27-433:60-5Rotorua19:35AL13+
S14SAFSat, 24 Feb 20074Bulls v Chiefs30-273:34-1Pretoria17:00HW-12
S14NZLSat, 08 Apr 20069Bulls v Chiefs26-264:33-2Hamilton17:30AD0
S12SAFSat, 23 Apr 20059Bulls v Chiefs29-262:24-1Pretoria15:00HW-12
S12NZLFri, 30 Apr 200411Bulls v Chiefs22-243:21-4Hamilton19:35AL-12
S12SAFSat, 03 May 200311Bulls v Chiefs29-264:45-2Pretoria15:00HW-12
S12NZLSat, 27 Apr 200210Bulls v Chiefs24-533:70-5HamiltonAL13+
S12SAFSat, 21 Apr 20019Bulls v Chiefs37-495:61-5PretoriaHL-12
S12NZLSat, 15 Apr 20008Bulls v Chiefs7-401:40-5RotoruaAL13+
S12SAFFri, 14 May 199912Bulls v Chiefs31-393:50-5PretoriaHL-12
S12NZLSat, 11 Apr 19987Bulls v Chiefs25-373:50-5HamiltonAL-12
team websiteTotals    593-70166:8541-67team website
Differences    -108-19-26
Averages    28-333:42-3


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