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Match results on this site have been checked against match records from the following sources:

Planet Rugby
New Zealand Rugby Museum
The Reed Book of All Black records 1883-2003. By Geoff Miller. Reed, 2003.
IRB international rugby yearbook 2003/2004. By Mick Cleary. London:CollinsWillow, 2003.
Sky Television rugby almanacks (1998-2004). Ed by Clive Akers & Geoff Miller.
1997 air new zealand rugby almanack. Ed by C.A. Akers & N.A.C. McMillan.

Other historical information about rugby was obtained from:

Rugby Football History
The Encyclopedia of World Rugby. By Keith Quinn. Shoal Bay Press, 1991.

Special thanks to...
i) Bob Luxford, curator of the NZ Rugby Museum in Barmy Palmy, for letting me wade through the old copies of Rugby News where I eventually tracked down the elusive 1996-1997 Super 12 try-counts.
ii) blokes like Ian Cleverly from Caerphilly for sending me frequent additions/corrections to the fixtures list
iii) all those who helped with the testing... esp. the Canterbury supporting rock-botherer!

Site Maintenance

14/01/2005 Original Version published
01/03/2005 Version 2.0 Trophy Cabinets added
23/03/2005 Version 3.0 Match results extended back to 1970
30/03/2005 Version 3.1 Match results extended back to 1950
19/04/2005 Version 4.0 Super 12 database/screens added
30/04/2005 Version 5.0 Super 12 totals/stats added
04/05/2005 Version 6.0 "What If" feature added to Super 12
09/05/2005 Version 6.1 2000-2001 Super 12 match results added
15/05/2005 Version 6.2 1998-1999 Super 12 match results added
28/05/2005 Version 7.0 International Fixture list added
12/07/2005 Version 8.0 Relative Ranking Matrix added
19/07/2005 Version 8.1 Mandela Plate summary table added
22/07/2005 Version 8.2 Registered domain name
28/07/2005 Version 8.3 Rating Points Exchange Calculator added
01/08/2005 Version 8.4 Links to RPE from Fixture List
23/08/2005 Version 8.5 Missing 1996-1997 Super 12 results added
10/11/2005 Version 8.6 r365 links + missing 1891-1949 Bok results added
12/11/2005 Version 8.7 Missing 1899-1949 Aus results added
25/03/2006 Version 9.0 Complete stats for all nations back to 1871, Super 14 upgrade
30/04/2006 Version 9.1 "foreign" added to S14 opposition country drop-down list
11/06/2006 Version 9.2 External links launched in sep windows, country totals on x-nations
09/09/2006 Version 9.3 Freedom/Cook cups summary tables added
24/09/2006 Version 9.4 Explicit date ranges added yyyy-mm-dd
03/03/2007 Version 9.5 Changed colour scheme, added S14 form col
21/04/2007 Version 9.6 Added year links to WC/3N/5N/6N displays
24/02/2008 Version 9.7 structure of r365 links changed
06/03/2008 Version 9.8 Super Rugby rankings added
18/01/2011 Version 9.9 Super 15 added
09/06/2012 Version 10.0 Hopetoun Cup added. Links to r365 removed
02/08/2012 Version 10.1 Raeburn Shield summary

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