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SH -vs- ALL [Tri-Nations Tournament]


Sat, 27 Aug 20113N,BCn AUS v NZL25-203:24-1Suncorp Stadium, BrisbaneH
Sat, 20 Aug 20113N,FC SAF v NZL18-50:14-0N. Mandela Bay, Pt ElizabethH
Sat, 13 Aug 20113N,MPa SAF v AUS9-140:11-4Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 06 Aug 20113N,BCn NZL v AUS30-143:24-0Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 30 Jul 20113N,FC NZL v SAF40-76:15-0Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 23 Jul 20113N,MPa AUS v SAF39-205:25-0Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 11 Sep 20103N,BCn AUS v NZL22-232:21-4Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 04 Sep 20103N,MPa SAF v AUS39-413:51-5Vodacom Park, BloemfonteinH
Sat, 28 Aug 20103N,MPs SAF v AUS44-315:45-1Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaH
Sat, 21 Aug 20103N,FCn SAF v NZL22-291:31-4Soweto, JohannesburgH
Sat, 07 Aug 20103N,BCn NZL v AUS20-102:14-0Jade Stadium, ChristchurchH
Sat, 31 Jul 20103N,BCn AUS v NZL28-493:70-5Docklands Stadium, MelbourneH
Sat, 24 Jul 20103N,MPs AUS v SAF30-132:24-0Suncorp Stadium, BrisbaneH
Sat, 17 Jul 20103N,FCn NZL v SAF31-174:25-0Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 10 Jul 20103N,FCs NZL v SAF32-124:05-0Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 19 Sep 20093N,BCn NZL v AUS33-63:04-0Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 12 Sep 20093N,FCs NZL v SAF29-322:21-4Rugby Park, HamiltonH
Sat, 05 Sep 20093N,MPs AUS v SAF21-62:04-0Suncorp Stadium, BrisbaneH
Sat, 29 Aug 20093N,MPs AUS v SAF25-323:41-5Subiaco Oval, Perth_AUSH
Sat, 22 Aug 20093N,BCn AUS v NZL18-190:11-4Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 08 Aug 20093N,MPa SAF v AUS29-171:24-0Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 01 Aug 20093N,FCs SAF v NZL31-191:14-0Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 25 Jul 20093N,FCn SAF v NZL28-192:14-0Vodacom Park, BloemfonteinH
Sat, 18 Jul 20093N,BCn NZL v AUS22-161:14-1Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 13 Sep 20083N,BCn AUS v NZL24-283:41-5Suncorp Stadium, BrisbaneH
Sat, 30 Aug 20083N,MPa SAF v AUS53-88:15-0Ellis Park, JohannesburgH
Sat, 23 Aug 20083N,MPa SAF v AUS15-272:30-4Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 16 Aug 20083N,FCn SAF v NZL0-190:30-4Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 02 Aug 20083N,BCn NZL v AUS39-104:15-0Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 26 Jul 20083N,BCn AUS v NZL34-194:35-0Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 19 Jul 20083N,MPa AUS v SAF16-92:04-1Subiaco Oval, Perth_AUSH
Sat, 12 Jul 20083N,FCn NZL v SAF28-301:21-4Carisbrook, DunedinH
Sat, 05 Jul 20083N,FCn NZL v SAF19-81:14-0Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 21 Jul 20073N,BCn NZL v AUS26-121:04-0Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 14 Jul 20073N,FCn NZL v SAF33-63:04-0Jade Stadium, ChristchurchH
Sat, 07 Jul 20073N,MPa AUS v SAF25-173:24-0Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 30 Jun 20073N,BCn AUS v NZL20-152:24-1Cricket Ground, MelbourneH
Sat, 23 Jun 20073N,FCn SAF v NZL21-262:21-4Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 16 Jun 20073N,MPa SAF v AUS22-191:14-1Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 09 Sep 20063N,MPa SAF v AUS24-162:14-0Ellis Park, JohannesburgH
Sat, 02 Sep 20063N,FCn SAF v NZL21-202:24-1Royal Bafokeng Stm, RustenburgH
Sat, 26 Aug 20063N,FCn SAF v NZL26-453:50-5Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaH
Sat, 19 Aug 20063N,BCn NZL v AUS34-273:34-1Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 05 Aug 20063N,MPa AUS v SAF20-182:24-1Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 29 Jul 20063N,BCn AUS v NZL9-130:11-4Suncorp Stadium, BrisbaneH
Sat, 22 Jul 20063N,FCs NZL v SAF35-172:24-0Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 15 Jul 20063N,MPs AUS v SAF49-06:05-0Suncorp Stadium, BrisbaneH
Sat, 08 Jul 20063N,BCn NZL v AUS32-124:25-0Jade Stadium, ChristchurchH
Sat, 03 Sep 20053N,BCn NZL v AUS34-244:45-1Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 27 Aug 20053N NZL v SAF31-274:35-1Carisbrook, DunedinH
Sat, 20 Aug 20053N AUS v SAF19-221:21-4Subiaco Oval, Perth_AUSH
Sat, 13 Aug 20053N,BCn AUS v NZL13-301:30-4Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 06 Aug 20053N SAF v NZL22-161:14-1Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 30 Jul 20053N SAF v AUS22-161:14-1Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaH
Sat, 21 Aug 20043N SAF v AUS23-192:34-1Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 14 Aug 20043N,FCs SAF v NZL40-265:25-0Ellis Park, JohannesburgH
Sat, 07 Aug 20043N,BCn AUS v NZL23-181:04-1Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 31 Jul 20043N AUS v SAF30-264:35-1Subiaco Oval, Perth_AUSH
Sat, 24 Jul 20043N NZL v SAF23-211:34-1Jade Stadium, ChristchurchH
Sat, 17 Jul 20043N,BCn NZL v AUS16-71:14-0Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 16 Aug 20033N,BCn NZL v AUS21-172:14-1Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 09 Aug 20033N NZL v SAF19-111:14-0Carisbrook, DunedinH
Sat, 02 Aug 20033N AUS v SAF29-92:04-0Suncorp Stadium, BrisbaneH
Sat, 26 Jul 20033N,BCa AUS v NZL21-503:70-5Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 19 Jul 20033N SAF v NZL16-521:70-5Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaH
Sat, 12 Jul 20033N SAF v AUS26-222:34-1Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 17 Aug 20023N,MPs SAF v AUS33-315:35-1Ellis Park, JohannesburgH
Sat, 10 Aug 20023N SAF v NZL23-302:41-5Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 03 Aug 20023N,BCa AUS v NZL16-142:14-1Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 27 Jul 20023N AUS v SAF38-274:45-1Woolloongabba, BrisbaneH
Sat, 20 Jul 20023N NZL v SAF41-205:25-0Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 13 Jul 20023N,BCa NZL v AUS12-60:04-1Jade Stadium, ChristchurchH
Sat, 01 Sep 20013N,BCa AUS v NZL29-262:24-1Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 25 Aug 20013N NZL v SAF26-152:04-0Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 18 Aug 20013N AUS v SAF14-141:12-2Subiaco Oval, Perth_AUSH
Sat, 11 Aug 20013N,BCa NZL v AUS15-232:20-4Carisbrook, DunedinH
Sat, 28 Jul 20013N SAF v AUS20-151:04-1Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaH
Sat, 21 Jul 20013N SAF v NZL3-120:00-4Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 26 Aug 20003N SAF v AUS18-190:11-4Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 19 Aug 20003N SAF v NZL46-406:45-2Ellis Park, JohannesburgH
Sat, 05 Aug 20003N,BCa NZL v AUS23-242:21-4Westpac Trust, WellingtonH
Sat, 29 Jul 20003N AUS v SAF26-62:04-0Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 22 Jul 20003N NZL v SAF25-122:04-0Jade Stadium, ChristchurchH
Sat, 15 Jul 20003N,BCa AUS v NZL35-395:52-5Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 28 Aug 19993N,BCa AUS v NZL28-71:14-0Stadium Australia, SydneyH
Sat, 14 Aug 19993N SAF v AUS10-91:04-1Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 07 Aug 19993N SAF v NZL18-342:20-4Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaH
Sat, 24 Jul 19993N,BCa NZL v AUS34-151:24-0Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 17 Jul 19993N AUS v SAF32-64:05-0Lang Park, BrisbaneH
Sat, 10 Jul 19993N NZL v SAF28-03:04-0Carisbrook, DunedinH
Sat, 22 Aug 19983N SAF v AUS29-152:04-0Ellis Park, JohannesburgH
Sat, 15 Aug 19983N SAF v NZL24-234:25-1Kings Park Stadium, DurbanH
Sat, 01 Aug 19983N,BCa NZL v AUS23-272:41-5Jade Stadium, ChristchurchH
Sat, 25 Jul 19983N NZL v SAF3-130:10-4Athletic Park, WellingtonH
Sat, 18 Jul 19983N AUS v SAF13-142:11-4Subiaco Oval, Perth_AUSH
Sat, 11 Jul 19983N,BCn AUS v NZL24-162:24-0Cricket Ground, MelbourneH
Sat, 23 Aug 19973N SAF v AUS61-228:35-0Loftus Versfeld, PretoriaH
Sat, 16 Aug 19973N,BCn NZL v AUS36-243:44-1Carisbrook, DunedinH
Sat, 09 Aug 19973N NZL v SAF55-357:55-1Eden Park, AucklandH
Sat, 02 Aug 19973N AUS v SAF32-204:35-0Lang Park, BrisbaneH
Sat, 26 Jul 19973N,BCn AUS v NZL18-332:30-4Cricket Ground, MelbourneH
Sat, 19 Jul 19973N SAF v NZL32-352:41-5Ellis Park, JohannesburgH
Sat, 10 Aug 19963N SAF v NZL18-292:20-4Newlands, Cape TownH
Sat, 03 Aug 19963N SAF v AUS25-191:14-1Vodacom Park, BloemfonteinH
Sat, 27 Jul 19963N,BCn AUS v NZL25-322:21-4Lang Park, BrisbaneH
Sat, 20 Jul 19963N NZL v SAF15-110:14-1Lancaster Park, ChristchurchH
Sat, 13 Jul 19963N AUS v SAF21-162:14-1Football Stadium, SydneyH
Sat, 06 Jul 19963N,BCn NZL v AUS43-66:05-0Athletic Park, WellingtonH
Totals    2808-2139262:210343-179©
Differences    66952164
Averages    26-202:23-2



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