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ALL -vs- ALL (since 2021) , ranking matrix (relative)


NZL88 (2)NZL
AUS82 (7)AUS
SAF94 (1)SAF
ARG81 (8)ARG
FRA82 (5)FRA
ENG88 (3)ENG
WAL82 (6)WAL
SCO80 (9)SCO
IRE84 (4)IRE

256 match results have been analysed to produce this matrix

About the Relative Ranking Matrix
12/07/05 - This ranking matrix was generated using a new algorithm which attempts to emulate the method
used by the IRB when calculating their world rankings, i.e. teams move up and down relative to each
other based on a points exchange system with home advantage, wins by a large margin, and RWC matches
taken into account. The resultant matrix won't always correlate with the IRB's published rankings but
hopefully should be close most(!) of the time.

The matrix attempts to show the relative positions of the major rugby playing nations over a given time period
(the default view is for the past 3 years, but you can go back as far as 1960).
Each column contains a pair of numbers for each country. The first number is the running ranking point total
at the end of that yearly quarter. By clicking on any of these totals, you can zoom in to display the results of
the 12 most recent matches played leading up to that date (although more matches than that will have likely
influenced the total). The second number (in brackets) indicates the teams world ranking position at that time
based on this relative system.
From 1987 onwards, world champions' tenures are highlighted in their team colours.
For a different time period, simply enter another year range in the selection panel below and click 'and Go!
For a comparative ranking method, try the pick & go fixed ranking matrix.


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