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NH draws -vs- ALL [Five Nations Tournament]


Sat, 05 Mar 19945N IRE v SCO6-60:01-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 16 Feb 19915N WAL v IRE21-212:41-1Cardiff Arms ParkH
Sat, 04 Feb 19895N,CA ENG v SCO12-120:11-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 02 Mar 19855N IRE v FRA15-150:21-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 02 Feb 19855N ENG v FRA9-90:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 05 Feb 19835N WAL v ENG13-131:11-1Cardiff Arms ParkH
Sat, 16 Jan 19825N,CA SCO v ENG9-90:01-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 03 Mar 19795N SCO v IRE11-112:21-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 03 Feb 19795N,CA ENG v SCO7-71:11-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 20 Jan 19795N IRE v FRA9-90:11-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 02 Mar 19745N FRA v ENG12-121:11-1Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 16 Feb 19745N WAL v FRA16-161:11-1Cardiff Arms ParkH
Sat, 02 Feb 19745N IRE v WAL9-90:11-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 27 Feb 19715N ENG v FRA14-141:21-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 30 Jan 19715N IRE v FRA9-91:01-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 22 Mar 19695N FRA v WAL8-81:21-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sat, 10 Feb 19685N ENG v IRE9-90:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sun, 20 Jan 19685N ENG v WAL11-112:21-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 12 Feb 19665N ENG v IRE6-61:11-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sun, 15 Jan 19665N SCO v FRA3-31:01-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 20 Mar 19655N,CA ENG v SCO3-31:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sun, 23 Jan 19655N IRE v FRA3-31:11-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 21 Mar 19645N WAL v FRA11-111:11-1Cardiff Arms ParkH
Sun, 18 Jan 19645N ENG v WAL6-62:21-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 09 Feb 19635N IRE v ENG0-00:01-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 17 Nov 19625N IRE v WAL3-30:01-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 17 Mar 19625N,CA SCO v ENG3-30:01-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 20 Jan 19625N ENG v WAL0-00:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 25 Feb 19615N ENG v FRA5-51:11-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 27 Feb 19605N FRA v ENG3-30:11-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sat, 21 Mar 19595N,CA ENG v SCO3-30:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 28 Feb 19595N ENG v FRA3-30:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 15 Mar 19585N,CA SCO v ENG3-30:01-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 18 Jan 19585N ENG v WAL3-31:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 12 Feb 19555N IRE v ENG6-61:21-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 14 Feb 19535N IRE v ENG9-91:11-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 10 Mar 19515N WAL v IRE3-30:11-1Cardiff Arms ParkH
Sun, 28 Jan 19505N FRA v IRE3-30:01-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 17 Jan 19485N ENG v WAL3-30:11-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sun, 18 Jan 19365N WAL v ENG0-00:01-1SwanseaH
Sun, 19 Jan 19355N ENG v WAL3-30:11-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sun, 17 Jan 19315N ENG v WAL11-111:21-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 15 Mar 19305N,CA ENG v SCO0-00:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 09 Mar 19295N IRE v WAL5-51:11-1Ravenhill, BelfastH
Sun, 16 Jan 19265N WAL v ENG3-31:11-1Cardiff Arms ParkH
Sat, 14 Feb 19255N ENG v IRE6-62:21-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 25 Feb 19225N ENG v FRA11-111:31-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sat, 04 Feb 19225N SCO v WAL9-92:11-1InverleithH
Tue, 02 Jan 19225N FRA v SCO3-31:11-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sat, 12 Feb 19105N ENG v IRE0-00:01-1Twickenham, LondonH
Sun, 09 Jan 19045N ENG v WAL14-143:21-1Welford Rd, LeicesterH
Sun, 10 Mar 19005N,CA SCO v ENG0-00:01-1InverleithH
Sat, 24 Feb 19005N IRE v SCO0-00:01-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 12 Mar 18985N,CA SCO v ENG3-31:11-1Powderhall, EdinburghH
Sat, 15 Feb 18965N IRE v SCO0-00:01-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 18 Feb 18935N IRE v SCO0-00:01-1Ballynafeigh, BelfastH
Sat, 01 Mar 18905N IRE v WAL3-31:11-1Lansdowne Rd, DublinH
Sat, 05 Mar 18875N,CA ENG v SCO1-11:11-1Whalley Range, ManchesterH
Sun, 08 Jan 18875N WAL v ENG0-00:01-1LlanelliH
Sat, 13 Mar 18865N,CA SCO v ENG0-00:01-1Raeburn Place, EdinburghH
Sun, 10 Jan 18855N SCO v WAL0-00:01-1Hamilton Crescent, GlasgowH
Totals    354-35439:5061-61©
Differences    0-110
Averages    6-61:11-1



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