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FRA home -vs- SCO at *Paris*


Sat, 23 Feb 20196N3 FRA v SCO27-104:15-0Stade de France, ParisH
Sun, 12 Feb 20176N2 FRA v SCO22-161:24-1Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 05 Sep 2015WU FRA v SCO19-161:14-1Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 07 Feb 20156N1 FRA v SCO15-80:14-1Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 16 Mar 20136N5 FRA v SCO23-162:14-1Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 05 Feb 20116N1 FRA v SCO34-214:35-0Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 14 Feb 20096N2 FRA v SCO22-131:14-0Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 17 Mar 20076N5 FRA v SCO46-196:35-0Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 05 Feb 20056N1 FRA v SCO16-91:04-1Stade de France, ParisH
Sun, 23 Feb 20036N2 FRA v SCO38-34:05-0Stade de France, ParisH
Sun, 04 Feb 20016N1 FRA v SCO16-61:04-0Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 10 Apr 19995N FRA v SCO22-363:50-5Stade de France, ParisH
Sat, 15 Mar 19975N FRA v SCO47-204:25-0Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 18 Feb 19955N FRA v SCO21-233:21-4Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 06 Feb 19935N FRA v SCO11-31:04-0Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 19 Jan 19915N FRA v SCO15-90:04-1Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 18 Mar 19895N FRA v SCO19-33:04-0Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 07 Mar 19875N FRA v SCO28-224:25-1Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 16 Feb 19855N FRA v SCO11-32:04-0Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 05 Feb 19835N FRA v SCO19-152:14-1Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 17 Jan 19815N FRA v SCO16-92:14-0Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 17 Mar 19795N FRA v SCO21-173:34-1Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 05 Mar 19775N FRA v SCO23-34:05-0Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 15 Feb 19755N FRA v SCO10-91:04-1Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 13 Jan 19735N FRA v SCO16-131:14-1Parc des Princes, ParisH
Sat, 16 Jan 19715N FRA v SCO13-82:14-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 11 Jan 19695N FRA v SCO3-60:11-4Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 14 Jan 19675N FRA v SCO8-92:01-4Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 09 Jan 19655N FRA v SCO16-84:25-0Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 12 Jan 19635N FRA v SCO6-110:11-4Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 07 Jan 19615N FRA v SCO11-01:04-0Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 10 Jan 19595N FRA v SCO9-01:04-0Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 12 Jan 19575N FRA v SCO0-60:00-4Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 08 Jan 19555N FRA v SCO15-04:05-0Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 10 Jan 19535N FRA v SCO11-51:14-0Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 13 Jan 19515N FRA v SCO14-122:24-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 15 Jan 19495N FRA v SCO0-80:20-4Stade Colombes, ParisH
Thu, 01 Jan 19475N FRA v SCO8-32:04-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Thu, 01 Jan 19305N FRA v SCO7-31:14-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Tue, 02 Jan 19285N FRA v SCO6-152:50-5Stade Colombes, ParisH
Sun, 02 Jan 19265N FRA v SCO6-201:50-5Stade Colombes, ParisH
Wed, 01 Jan 19245N FRA v SCO12-104:15-1Stade Charlety, ParisH
Tue, 02 Jan 19225N FRA v SCO3-31:12-2Stade Colombes, ParisH
Fri, 01 Jan 19205N FRA v SCO0-50:11-4Parc des Princes, ParisH
Thu, 01 Jan 19135N FRA v SCO3-211:50-5Parc des Princes, ParisH
Tue, 02 Jan 19115N FRA v SCO16-154:35-1Stade Colombes, ParisH
Totals    724-49091:62154-67
Differences    2342987
Averages    16-112:13-1



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