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SCO home -vs- FRA at *Edinburgh*


Sat, 24 Aug 2019WU SCO v FRA17-142:24-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 11 Feb 20186N2 SCO v FRA32-262:24-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 13 Mar 20166N4 SCO v FRA29-183:24-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 08 Mar 20146N4 SCO v FRA17-192:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 26 Feb 20126N3 SCO v FRA17-232:21-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 07 Feb 20106N1 SCO v FRA9-180:20-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 03 Feb 20086N1 SCO v FRA6-270:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 05 Feb 20066N1 SCO v FRA20-162:24-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 21 Mar 20046N4 SCO v FRA0-310:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 23 Mar 20026N4 SCO v FRA10-221:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 04 Mar 20006N3 SCO v FRA16-281:30-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 21 Feb 19985N SCO v FRA16-511:70-5Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 03 Feb 19965N SCO v FRA19-142:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 19 Mar 19945N SCO v FRA12-200:20-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 07 Mar 19925N SCO v FRA10-61:04-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 17 Feb 19905N SCO v FRA21-03:04-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 06 Feb 19885N SCO v FRA23-122:14-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 18 Jan 19865N SCO v FRA18-170:24-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 17 Mar 19845N SCO v FRA21-121:14-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 06 Mar 19825N SCO v FRA16-71:14-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 16 Feb 19805N SCO v FRA22-143:24-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 04 Feb 19785N SCO v FRA16-192:21-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 10 Jan 19765N SCO v FRA6-130:10-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 16 Mar 19745N SCO v FRA19-62:04-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 15 Jan 19725N SCO v FRA20-93:14-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sat, 10 Jan 19705N SCO v FRA9-111:21-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 13 Jan 19685N SCO v FRA6-81:21-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 15 Jan 19665N SCO v FRA3-31:02-2Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 04 Jan 19645N SCO v FRA10-02:04-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 13 Jan 19625N SCO v FRA3-110:10-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 09 Jan 19605N SCO v FRA11-132:31-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 11 Jan 19585N SCO v FRA11-92:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 14 Jan 19565N SCO v FRA12-02:04-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 09 Jan 19545N SCO v FRA0-30:11-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 12 Jan 19525N SCO v FRA11-131:21-4Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 14 Jan 19505N SCO v FRA8-52:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 24 Jan 19485N SCO v FRA9-81:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 24 Jan 19315N SCO v FRA6-40:04-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 19 Jan 19295N SCO v FRA6-31:14-1Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Sun, 22 Jan 19275N SCO v FRA23-64:25-0Murrayfield, EdinburghH
Totals    540-53956:6399-82
Differences    1-717
Averages    14-131:22-2



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